“Math was always a subject that I struggled with in High School. 10 years later I was looking to go back to school but I needed to upgrade my math! It was something that I had put off for quite some time for fear of failure, and also being an adult learner it had been a while since I had been in a classroom setting - so I was incredibly nervous! When I met Heidi she eased my anxiety, and her approach made math something that I could understand. She made me realize it's not that I wasn't a math person - I just needed a different perspective. She worked through my coursework with me, and was always available if I ever had any questions. She's so friendly and I absolutely loved my time spent with her, doing MATH (of all things). Because of her, I was able to far surpass what I needed to get into the program I wanted, and I feel confident in my abilities when it comes to mathematics.”

We are so happy we found Heidi! My daughter is coded and has problems with her working memory. She gets overlooked in school and does not get the support she needs to succeed. I am not a teacher and didn’t know how to help but Heidi was able to quickly assess and put a plan in place. Best tutor we have found in the Calgary area. She takes the time to explain concepts and make sure they are understood. In my daughters words, Heidi is kind, patient and a great teacher. Thank you for doing what you do Heidi! 🙂

I had always thought a tutor would help me once I got into high school, but I was too hesitant to get one, so when I did a few sessions with Heidi, I knew that it was the right choice. I did physics and math with her and found it really easy to ask questions because of her patience and amazing explanation skills. I would recommend Heidi tutoring to anyone who needs it because it has helped me and plenty other people. I know I will be coming back next year.

Heidi has been my math 20-1 tutor since September. She has taken time to go through problems and explain them in a way I understand. She is very patience and knowledgeable about the concepts I am learning. With Heidi’s help I have been able to understand math, and reach my goals academically. I would highly recommend Heidi for anything looking for a tutor.

I am so happy that I found Heidi to be my math tutor. Not only is she an outstanding tutor, her personality is amazing, which always made me look forward to my tutoring sessions. Heidi’s schedule is very flexible and she made it possible to fit me in for extra sessions when I needed some last minute help. Heidi was very great at helping me understand math questions that were very confusing to me. After just a couple of tutoring sessions, my grade had raised drastically and I was much more confident in my math skills. I would definitely recommend Heidi to be your tutor because she is very patient, great at explaining, and always made sure that I understood before we moved onto the next topic. I passed my math class with an awesome grade that I needed for post-secondary and I couldn’t have done it without Heidi! 🙂

My luck began to turn after I sought out help in the form of a tutor. Heidi’s teaching style immediately worked for me. She had great expectations for me which really pushed me to where I am now. I began to feel like a bright math and science student. Classmates began asking me for help and best of all, I felt more confident with my abilities. Heidi listens to her students and constructs a communication style that works best for them and their goals. With her ambition and patience, my grades have been climbing through the roof!