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Grade 1 - 12 Math, Science, English and Social Studies

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We are a team of experienced tutors who care about your child’s academic performance. We create a welcoming learning environment so that your child will succeed in school and develop a greater level of motivation and confidence.

Hi, I’m Heidi and I’m the founder of Heidi the Tutor. I started this organization in 2019 and it has come clear to me that I truly enjoy teaching students math and science, helping them understand complex concepts in an easier way, and boosting their enthusiasm and confidence in math and science. I have taught over 100 students since 2019, many of whom stayed with me for all three years of high school. Hearing my students telling me that I just made a concept “easy” is the reason that I love what I do. I am  familiar with math curriculum in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and have taught remote sessions with students in British Columbia and Ontario.

I am a passionate tutor ready to guide my students through their courses, explaining concepts in ways different from a traditional classroom setting and oftentimes easier to understand. I take time to understand my student’s questions and tailor my approach to his/her needs. Tutoring sessions with me are interactive and engaging, as I encourage students to work through problems on their own. As a result, my students now go into class with more confidence and enthusiasm, and often see a significant improvement in their grades.

Since 2019, my team has grown, and we now offer tutoring in English as well as Social Studies, for all grades. We are available for in-person tutoring in the Calgary region, as well as online tutoring. We are available weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings, as well as weekends. Please get in touch to see how we can make a difference in your child’s academic pursuits.

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Math Tutoring

We follow the most up-to-date Alberta curriculum
  • Grade 1- 9 math
  • Grade 10: math 15 and math 10C
  • Grade 11: math 20-1, math 20-2, math 20-3
  • Grade12 math: precalculus, math 30-1, math 30-2
  • Pre-calculus, calculus 12, MHF4U, MCV4U, pre-calculus 30.

  • Math contests (Gauss, Pascal, Fermat, etc.)

  • First and second year university level calculus

  • Distance and Online learning

  • SAIT/Bow Valley/Chinook Learning course upgrades

  • SSAT for private school entries

  • Please get in touch for French Immersion 

  • Math for upgrading and GED exams

Science Tutoring

We follow the most up-to-date Alberta curriculum
  • Distance and online learning, upgrading courses

  • Diploma prep for chemistry 30

  • Grade 1 – 9 science

  • Grade 10: science 10, science 14
  • Grade 11: science 20, chemistry 20, physics 20, biology 20
  • Grade 12: science 30, chemistry 30, physics 30, biology 30


Science Tutoring Calgary
Tutoring Courses Calgary

English and Social Studies

We follow the most up-to-date Alberta curriculum
  • Grade 1 – 9 ELA and Social Studies

  • Grade 10: ELA 10-1, ELA 10-2, SS 10-1, SS 10-2

  • Grade 11: ELA 20-1, ELA 20-2, SS 20-1, SS 20-2

  • Grade 12: ELA 30-1, ELA 30-2, SS 30-1, SS 30-2, English 12, N86 4U, ENG4U

  • Diploma prep for ELA 30-1, 30-2 and Social Studies 30

Diploma Exam Preparation

Are you preparing for a diploma exam? We understand the importance of these exams and the impact they can have on your future. That’s why we offer comprehensive preparation sessions for several of the most common diploma exams, including Math 30-1, Math 30-2, Chemistry 30, and English-Language Arts 30-1.

Our preparation sessions are held in small groups, with a maximum of 5 students, to ensure that all questions are answered and everyone feels comfortable participating. Each session is 7 hours long, split into two convenient sessions, and is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the material covered on the exams. During the sessions, we will go through past diploma exams, providing detailed explanations and guidance, and also welcome questions from our students.

Our small-group setting creates an intimate and supportive environment where students can feel comfortable asking questions and participating in the review process. Our experienced tutors are knowledgeable and passionate about teaching, and they are dedicated to helping students succeed on their diploma exams.

ELA for Grade 1-12

Middle School English Language Arts focuses on improvement of outcomes in four domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Throughout grades 3 to 9, students will explore thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences. They will learn to comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print, and other media texts. They will manage ideas and information, enhance the clarity and artistry of their communication, and learn to support and collaborate with others. This is an important preparatory period for high school level English Language Arts, which will build upon these foundations.

ELA 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1

This course is designed for students who want to explore the complexities of literature and develop their ability to analyze and respond to a variety of texts.In this course, you will engage with a wide range of literature, including shorter works such as poetry, short stories, visual and multimedia pieces, and essays, as well as extended texts such as novels, non-fiction books, feature films, and modern and Shakespearean plays. Much of these texts are chosen to reflect cultural and societal issues in both Canadian and global contexts.In addition to analyzing and responding to literature, you will also have the opportunity to create your own texts in a variety of forms including essay, critical response, creative prose, poetry, and more, allowing you to put your newfound knowledge and skills into practice.This course is perfect for students who are considering careers that require strong reading and communication skills or who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education.

ELA 10-2, 20-2, and 30-2

This course caters to students of all abilities and aspirations, offering a varied curriculum of texts that delve into Canadian and global topics. From longer texts to shorter pieces, students are exposed to a range of written materials at varying levels. Creative writing, including fiction, nonfiction, reports, poetry and multimedia presentations, is emphasized as students are encouraged to express themselves through their own writing. The practical applications of the course material are also emphasized, making it a great choice for those pursuing careers in fields that require strong reading and communication skills, or for those interested in post-secondary education and other opportunities. The biggest difference between dash 2 and dash 1 English Language Arts is that dash 1 prepares students for university-level material, while dash 2 prepares students for in a different range of post-secondary education and opportunities.

Science 20 and Science 30

Science 20 and 30 focus on a variety of scientific topics across biology, physics, chemistry, and more. Such topics includechemical changes, changes in motion, the changing Earth, changes in living systems, living systems and their environments, chemistry and the environment, electromagnetic energy, energy and the environment, and more. Key scientific skills are also developed, including the ability to initiate and plan, perform and record, analyze and interpret, and communicate with a team in relation to the scientific method.The secondary science program is guided by the vision that all students have the opportunity to develop scientific literacy. The goal of scientific literacy is to develop the science-related knowledge, skills and attitudes that students need to solve problems and make decisions, and at the same time help them become lifelong learners – maintaining their sense of wonder about the world around them.