Online vs In-Person Tutoring: Which is Right for You?

Online vs In-Person Tutoring: Which is Right for You?

October is here, the season is changing, and the school year is ramping up. Along with the many extracurricular activities and holidays, you’ve still got your homework assignments to complete. In all this excitement, you may have been thinking about getting a tutor to help you achieve your academic goals and keep you on track of your studies. And from science to social studies, Heidi the Tutor is here to help! We offer tutoring services from grade 3 to grade 12 in the core subjects to help prepare you for the next steps on your academic journey. But there is one more question to consider: Should I do in-person or online tutoring? 

 Though the question is ultimately to be answered by you, this summary can help you to decide what will help you most. 

 In-Person Sessions: 

  • We find that students are better able to engage with our tutors in person. We carefully choose our instructors for both their academic merit and their interpersonal skills, to encourage relatability with students. We want to form good student-instructor working relationships to better encourage and assist students in their studies.  
  • With in-person sessions, our tutors can see your work directly, and offer immediate feedback and assistance as you work on your assignments. Tutors can also see all the resources students may have, including non-digitalized textbooks and homework handouts, which saves time reading aloud each assignment task. 
  • We can come straight to your home, or we can meet at a half-way location for tutoring sessions, such as a Calgary Public Library. However, this does require our tutors to travel to your location, so there is typically an additional fee to cover milage costs.  


Online Sessions: 

  • We use a variety of apps to share screens with students, convert screens into white-boards, and demonstrate our work live to best simulate a classroom setting and encourage learning. Our tutors are proficient with these technologies to effectively deliver high caliber instruction.  
  • You can receive your tutoring sessions from anywhere you are, whether you are at another care-givers house, traveling, or in the comfort of your own home. 

 Deciding in-person versus online tutoring comes down to your learning style and schedule. Which ever you choose, each tutor will personally tailor their session plan to fit the individual student’s needs and keep our tutoring interactive and engaging. Whether solving math problems, or writing paragraphs, we demonstrate techniques, work together, and encourage students on their own attempts at the skills we teach. Each tutor takes a series of notes from each session, then shares these notes as a supplement to any notes the students have taken during tutoring, for all sessions. 

We’re ready to help you succeed, in-person or online. If our services sound like the right choice for you, contact us by email at, call us at (587) 894-2825, or check out our website, at